Everything that came before has led to this one climactic moment. With time running out, Amalina must formulate a fool-proof plan to save as many friends and loved ones as she can and escape her master, Count Tepsji; and pull it off before he can put the final touches on his own dark designs.


As usual there are more elements in play than expected, and the race is on: In this final episode of the series, the rebel army must root out a traitor in their midst before they can launch their attack on the castle and the Count, while Amalina is hatching her own plot. If they arrive too early, or if Amalina's plot fails, or is too late ... IT COULD SPELL EVERYONE'S DOOM!


Foreign Armies, Feindish Killers, Cruel and Greedy and Gullible Princesses! Will it all be too much for Amalina to handle? 



"It's rare for a horror story to read like a well-aged period piece, but that is exactly what you get ... this volume is substantial and fulfilling ... never becoming predictable ... The twists and turns pull on plot points from all the other installments (Episodes), making for a carefully planned and well-rounded series. A dark vampire tale with complex relationships at its core, Amalina and the End of it All is meticulous, methodic, and completely hypnotic." Five-Star Review, Nicky Flowers, Indies Today

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